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Walking and mental health

I have never been someone who enjoys exercise. Going to the gym for an hour getting sweaty in front of a bunch of people who all seem to be doing much better than you are really isn’t my thing!

Even exercise classes I can’t get into. I’m extremely put off if I am the only beginner. Stuck in the back corner only half following the routine as I don’t have the stamina to continue. Silently praying they don’t change direction to notice how crap I am doing!

if i could walk 500 miles

I’ve tried running which I actually did enjoy – all 10 minutes of it – but due to having had operations on my knees I can no longer run due to being in so much pain!

Yoga is something that I do love to do. I do it in the comfort of my own home almost every morning at a pace I want to do it and I have no one judging me. However, I felt I needed a bit more in the way of fitness and cardio.

I have also given workout dvds a try but I get very bored very easily so I would be buying new ones every few weeks! I then thought about starting small. Not jumping in at the deep end with my all or nothing attitude but small. I started walking. Walking my son to and from preschool every day. its only 15 minutes and I am ashamed to say I would nearly always take him in the car. You get sucked into that routine of it being “so much quicker/easier taking him in the car” when actually, sometimes I find it much quicker to walk. Especially on frosty mornings when it takes 15 mins to defrost the car!

if i could walk 500 miles

So, no matter what the weather we walk. That’s about an hour every single weekday that I walk and I have been doing it for months now and I love it!

I’ve started walking different routes and I often try and power walk home for a bit of an extra push.

I practice Mindfulness whilst I am walking too. Taking in the sounds, sights, smells, sun on my face the wind in the trees. It’s so freeing. I am walking around with a huge grin on my face. It really does set me up for the day and make me really happy! Although I expect my neighbours are a little frightened of the ‘crazy, grinning lady’ – but hey I’m happy!

I am getting fresh air and exercise as is my little boy. We even talk more and I get so much more out of him about his day at preschool, and what he enjoyed etc. It’s win win.

I know it’s really so easy to fall into the pattern of bundling everyone in the car for the 10 minute journey round the corner but honestly give walking a go.

Don’t get me wrong there are mornings when I look put of the window at these dark and gloomy mornings and think that there is no way that I am walking today. Or that my son is in a particularly bad mood that I can’t face walking him in . But on those days I do decide to drive I often get home and wished I had walked!

Honestly, give walking a go. If you’re looking to introduce a bit more exercise or just have a bit of time on your own to clear your head. Whether it’s alone or with the kids or hubby just give it a go! You’ll love it!

Happy walking!

Love Amy x

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  • Reply Amy

    My name is Amy, too! Enjoyed your article. I walk and (sometimes) run to help with my depression. Some days I can’t force myself to do it but, when I do, I feel better after. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤

    May 11, 2017 at 11:12 am
    • Reply amysboarderlineworld

      Hi Amy! Thank you so much for reading and commenting x

      May 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm

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