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Thank you school run mums

A bit of a funny one this. But it is a sincere one. Thank you school run mums!

I wanted to write a post on this a few months ago but for whatever reason I never got round to it. Now that the school holidays are over and the kids are back at school again it seems like the perfect time!

Whether you suffer mental health issues or not the school run can be daunting.

Are the mums going to be cliquey? Will they ignore me and stop talking when I turn up? Will we never be invited to anything?

But I have been so lucky. Every single mum – and dad for that matter – have without exception be so lovely. I’ve never been made to feel uncomfortable or left out at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

Thank you school run mums

Suffering with anxiety means that doing the school run will sometimes, almost not happen. I will worry about anything and everything from being late to not having done the homework correctly.

Some days it’s the depression that effects me most. I feel so drained, so low and fed up I just don’t want to leave the house. I am so exhausted by my mental illnesses so how can I possibly even think about summoning the energy to plaster on a smile and making small talk with the school mums? Will they know I’m being ‘fake’? Will they think I’m being rude? All of this is very over the top, I know, but unfortunately that’s what it’s like to live with anxiety and depression.

This is where my thank you school run mums comes in. They are just awesome! Sometimes my son spots a friend the minute we arrive and we will walk with them to school. Other times we meet mums and friends at the school gates but I am always met with smiles and “Good morning” and “How are you?” general morning chit chat. But it is perfect! Exactly what I need! No pressure just friendly chatter. They really want to know what H and I have been up to and it’s the same for us. I have been invited out, H has been to lot of birthday parties and play dates too. We’ve walked home together, shared stories about funny times and tough times and even the mums I’m not close to I will always get a smile and “Morning!” That small thing alone is enough to make me glad I got out of the house and did the school run.

Thank you school run mums for always being kind no matter what you might otherwise be going through. Because that’s also something that occurred to me, if i’m going through all of this and covering it with a smile then what’s to say some of them aren’t doing the same. Just because I have chosen to now be vocal about my struggles doesn’t mean they are. I spent my entire life hiding what was going on inside. Others could easily be doing the same. This is why I always say that you must always be kind, because you never know what battles others might be facing.

There are several of the mums who read my blog and know some of what I go through but they never treat me any differently. They are kind and friendly and just plain awesome!

I honestly feel so lucky to not have to dread the school run. I know some people are not so lucky.

I just wanted this post to be my opportunity to thank each and every one of you – you awesome school run mums – and dads!

Here’s to year 1!

As always, please be kind, you never know what battles people might be facing.

Lots of love, Amy xx



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