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Summer holiday ideas come rain or shine

So the summer holidays are approaching (far to quickly in my opinion) a mere 2 weeks away! So I thought I best get my bum in gear and think of some summer holiday ideas come rain or shine that we we can all enjoy.

As my eldest is only in Reception we have only had one real set of summer holidays last year and in all honesty I wasn’t very prepared. This time I wanted to ditch the stress and have some ideas in place.

We have well and truly been spoiled the past 3/4 weeks with hot weather and beautiful sunshine but we do live in England and more often that not it does tend to rain for the majority of the kids summer holidays. So I need to have ideas for outside and inside but also on a bit of a budget too. Now I am lucky in some respects as H is just like me and does love his arts and crafts but on the other hand he gets bored very very quickly – also like me!

summer holiday ideas come rain or shine

I have tried to plan ahead as of the past few months and add a packet of stickers or glue or pom poms to the weekly shop. A couple of pounds here and there you don’t really notice as opposed to the mad dash to Hobbycraft on the first morning of the summer holiday when the heavens have opened! I have also been saving things for him to craft and create with. Empty packets, bottle tops, tubs, cartons, lids toilet rolls, the list goes on. I have two cupboards and several boxes full of bits which I know when I get out he is going to absolutely love! Plus when we have play dates there will be more than enough to go around! Crafting with kids does not need to be expensive!

I have also written a list of about 30 things to do (free or cheap) during those 6/7 weeks. It is split into two lists, one for sunny days and one for rainy days. I have typed them up, cut them out and folded them and put them in two jars. H has drain beautiful pictures of a sun and a rain cloud to stick on too. The idea is that on those days when we don’t already have a play date or something arranged H can take a look outside at the weather, chose the right jar and lucky dip on what we will be doing that day. A bit of excitement for him too and he has loved putting the ideas in the jars ready for the holidays.

summer holiday ideas come rain or shine

So, Summer holiday ideas come rain or shine;

Ideas for sunny days include, A park of his choice, he has several that he loves so that makes him feel in charge getting to choose. Feeding the ducks at the local lake, picnic and play in the garden and we have a National Trust card so we have a lot of places to chose from there for free.

The rainy day ideas are what I thought I would struggle with but actually I think I have put some fun ideas in to the jar. Den building, crafting, painting, Bug hunt and baking to name just a few.

summer holiday ideas come rain or shine

summer holiday ideas come rain or shine

There are other ideas that aren’t completely free but are cheap and they include bowling and the local goat farm. My husband has a week off at the end of the summer holidays so we are trying to save cash to do some bigger days out then. Rainforest cafe, London Zoo, Brighton Pier and beach and maybe even Legoland. But like I say in order to enjoy these we have to get creative and spend the first 5/6 weeks being a bit more frugal. But that’s not to say we aren’t going to have fun!

I will most definitely be posting some of H’s creations over the holidays, his imagination is incredible!

If you’d like to see the full list of ideas in our jars then subscribe to my free monthly newsletter here where I will put a free print out for you. If you do have any ideas of your own then please leave them in the comments, I would love to hear them.

Good luck with your summer holidays and I hope you enjoy coming up with summer holiday ideas come rain or shine.

Love Amy x

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  • Reply Tara

    Fantastic idea! I was really unorganised last year (and it didn’t go down well). This year we’ve made a calendar and she’s helping me plan things to do. I’m going to start saving some recycling bits for crafts now. Thank you.

    July 13, 2018 at 9:32 am
    • Reply amysboarderlineworld

      Hi Tara I know the feeling. It just seems to creep up on you doesn’t it. Ah the calendar idea sounds fab I hope you have a great summer. x

      July 15, 2018 at 11:54 am

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