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Returning to blogging, one year on.

Returning to blogging, one year on – boy am I excited to get back to writing and posting. Having said that, it is bitter sweet in a lot of ways. This week marks a year since I wrote my last blog post.

I did start reducing them quite a bit from the spring/summer of 2019 but after the devastating stillbirth of my daughter in September 2019, everything for me just stopped.

I then wrote a piece about my loss (click here to read) almost exactly a year ago. I wrote it purely for me, no one else was really supposed to see it. I scribbled it out with a pen in a notepad and I just felt like I needed to get it out of me. To help me heal. I find writing such a cathartic process. Once I have put my thoughts down on paper it literally feels like a weight has been lifted and I can breath a little easier.

This past year I have truly missed writing. I think it is something I am destined to do, I need it. Returning to blogging, one year on from my daughters death feels right. It feels like this is the right thing for me at the right time.

Although the name of my blog remains the same and I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday like before, I will be changing the content slightly. Mental health will always feature in a big way as I still struggle with my mental health issues and still feel passionately about helping others and ending mental health stigma – which yes still exists in 2020! Alongside this I will still feature parenting and lifestyle aspects as I really enjoyed this and it gives me the opportunity to share what my family and I enjoy, get up to at the weekends and what I do to be able to function as a pregnant mum with two boys!

But along side this and my mental health blogs (and future vlogs!) I will be talking about my still birth. My life since, how we cope as a family, what has helped, what hasn’t and how we remember our beautiful Darcey on a daily basis without always feeling sad.

Returning to blogging, one year on.

I always said to myself when I started this blog 5 years ago that I wanted to be honest. I didn’t want to beat around bush, only telling part of the story because otherwise – what is the point?

Returning to blogging, one year on from Darceys death I aim to make my posts as they have always been. I will remain open and honest but I will obviously take care when talking about stillbirth. It is a sensitive subject but still one that needs exposure. In my post last year I was very open and so many people said appreciated that.

I need to share these stories, not just for me but for everyone. For those people who have suffered the heart breaking loss of losing a baby and feel incredibly alone as I did. For the nurses and midwives who have only ever read about stillbirths in their textbooks. For the family and friends who have someone close to them who has lost their baby and they just don’t know what to do or say. It is for everyone because baby loss is not talked about enough.

Like I mentioned at the beginning I will still dedicate a huge part of this blog to mental health as it does effect my life daily, even more at the moment with the current pandemic and baby number 4 on the way!

Given the year we have all had, mental health is more important than ever! I shocks me to my core when I hear about the rising levels of suicides and suicide attempts because I have been there and it is not a place I wish upon anyone. That is why I think being kind to everyone you meet, in real life or online, is so important.

I always ended my blog posts in the same way and I intend to keep that going because it is something that I passionately feel we should all do more of, being kinder to ourselves and others and not judging one another.

So, until my next post …

Be kind always. You never know what battles people might be facing.

Love Amy x

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  • Reply Lynne Nappin

    Amy this is beautiful and inspirational
    I’m sure many people will get great comfort hope and reassurance when reading this xxx

    December 1, 2020 at 9:41 am
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