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Pregnancy announcement!

You may have already seen on my other social media channels but I wanted to share with you my very exciting news …..

We are having another boy!

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He is happy and healthy and we are absolutely delighted with the news.

I must add here that I have had people say some strange things to me since finding out I was having my 2nd boy which left me wondering – why?

“Oh are you disappointed?”

“You’ll need to try for a girl next then.”

“Oh shame! Still it’ll be cheaper!”

I mean, really??? Why on earth would I be disappointed with having another boy? I absolutely love being a mummy to my son. We have such a close bond that a lot of my mummy friends with daughters don’t have.

No I don’t need to try for a girl next time. If there even is a next time.

A ‘shame’??? Really? Having a healthy baby boy growing in my tummy is a shame?

I don’t know why people feel the need to say such things. Whether it was meant the way it came out or not. I think it’s best just to stick to congratulations!

Love Amy x

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