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Pre and post pregnancy with ‘Mums back’

I have written before about pregnancy, pre and post pregnancy with my son and my current journey at the moment. I have been honest about how I am coping and how it is ok not to love every single second of being pregnant – and I still stand by that!

But sometimes in pregnancy you really do fancy a glass of wine or bubbles or like me are a total caffeine addict who can’t function without at least 6 cups of tea or coffee! Without your favourite things you do start to feel a bit fed up at times – I believe it’s totally OK to say this too!

Pre and post pregnancy with 'Mums back'

After your baby is born is when you finally get to enjoy these things again! You cant wait to have that glass of bubbles and toast the birth of your beautiful bundle of joy. So why is it that when your family, friends and others come to visit they only ever bring flowers or something for baby? Now don’t get me wrong I am always super grateful for anything that I am given. People were so generous when my son was born and I do honestly appreciate that. But I think most of us mummies would just love a little treat for us. After all we have been through 9 months (ish) of pregnancy, gone through labour and given birth. Surely we deserve a treat?

This is where I think Mums Back is a fantastic company. It was created by Sally Bunkham who, following two back to back pregnancies really missed those things she wasn’t allowed. She found there was just not enough out there that was ‘mum’ focused for post birth.

Pre and post pregnancy with 'Mums Back'

Mums Back consists of a number of different treat boxes, ranging from “Give her a boost” package to ” Boozy Mum’s Back package”. They are full of delicious, previously forbidden treats, such as; high end wine, Pate, Coffee bean chocolate plus hot chocolate spoons and boost balls. Honestly what more could you possibly want as a new mummy – other than sleep of course!

Personally I have just tried the ‘Give her a boost’ package, a bit premature but I couldn’t resist. I am saving the half bottle of prosecco that came included for after the birth but I have made a start on the hot chocolate spoons – yum!

I loved receiving this through the post, it was beautifully packaged and I know I would love to receive this after the birth of my baby.

Not only are these boxes fantastic quality and a great treat for mummies they are also helping charity.

Pre and post pregnancy with 'Mums back'

As regular readers of my blog will know I have suffered awful post natal depression with my son as well as suffering from anorexia and borderline personality disorder. Mums Back will donate £1 of every box sold to the fantastic charity Pandas.

Pandas help to support women suffering perinatal and post natal mental illness. They also help to inform and guide family, friends and employers on how they can support someone who is suffering.

Having suffered a lot myself I know how invaluable a charity like this is. Not only for personal support but to help educate others to ensure less stigma, making it easier for us to ask for help.

Boxes like the ‘Mums Back‘ packages will obviously not cure PND but they will certainly go a long way to help. Not only the money they are raising for charity but receiving one of these boxes would instantly make you feel important at a time when everyone’s attention is elsewhere. This is a positive step in the right direction.

Congratulations to any expecting mummies out there and please get in touch if there’s anything you want to discuss. I am always here to lend an ear.

Take care,

Love Amy x

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