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My gratitude list

Being grateful is something that spoken about a lot and I believe it to be very important. Even if you change nothing else in your life but being and feeling grateful everyday then I am sure you will notice positive things begin to happen.

gratitude list

Now, this isn’t my full gratitude list. If it was we would be here some weeks trying to read through it. I practice gratitude everyday. I write 3 to 5 things I am grateful for every morning and the same most evenings. I say thank you hundreds of times a week and really feel grateful for what I have. Being grateful instantly makes me feel happier. It turns negative thoughts of what you don’t have into positive thoughts of having more than enough.

I have even taken to be grateful for things that I don’t have but would like in the future. Thereby bringing it into the present moment in a positive way. This has bought so many amazing things into my life and makes me happy. There really is no bad thing about being grateful!

Anyway my gratitude list today;

  • My friends and family: This is a big one I am grateful for daily. I couldn’t possibly mention every one of my friends and every member of my immediate and extended family but they have helped me so much in my recovery. Some have helped me much more than I ever imagined they would or thought they should. Just making sure I am well, checking in with me when I go quiet or even if all seems well. Doing those little things mean the world to me. I am fully aware of how incredibly lucky I am to be surrounded by such an amazing support network, which is why I say thank you every single day for them.

gratitude list

  • My home: This one is a relatively recent one for me but an important one I think I need to mention. I rent a house with my husband and son. We would love to buy our own house but are not in the position to at the moment. The reason I am being grateful and saying thank you each day for our current home is I’ve just realised how extremely lucky we are to have one. We have a safe, warm home, so many people don’t. Our neighbourhood is lovely and we get on with our neighbours and landlords very well. My problem is I am always looking ahead at the next big thing! Whats next! But I have now learnt to be very grateful for the lovely home we have now.
  • My blog: This is a broad one but something i’m hugely thankful for. I am so grateful that I have the tools to write and post my writing for everyone to read – even more grateful that people actually do read it! I’m so grateful that charities, companies and individuals are finding my blog helpful as it’s what inspires me to write more and more every day.
  • YOU!; All of you that take the time to read my blog. It’s because of you that I keep posting. There are some days when I can’t bare thinking of opening my laptop or putting pen to paper but then I think of all of the amazing messages, emails and comments I have received from you saying how much I have inspired you. It means the absolute world to me. I will continue to write and hope you read along with me.
  • Being alive!: Yep being alive! Not something I would always have been thankful for. For anyone that has followed my story you will know that I have been through some really tough times. Including times where I was nearly successful in ending my own life. Those dark time suffocated me and made me believe I was better off dead. I am now here and out the other side and I can truly say I am happy to be here! Grateful to be here! To watch my son grow up and enjoy all the amazing things life has to offer.

Like I said this is not a full list of all things I am grateful for but a taste of what my gratitude is focused on right now.

I would urge everyone to practice “an attitude of gratitude.” “It is absolutely the best way to bring more into your life.”

Thank you for reading.

Love Amy x

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  • Reply Rod Mckenzie

    Good gratitude post 🙂 I do this daily as well at the end of the day!

    March 16, 2017 at 1:28 pm
    • Reply amysboarderlineworld

      It’s fab isn’t it. Just instantly cheers you up and makes you think and feel more positive ? xxx

      March 16, 2017 at 3:35 pm

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