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My Baby Shower

My Baby Shower – 19/11/17

On Sunday I was blessed to have been thrown a beautiful baby shower by one of my best friends Kat from

My baby shower

When I was pregnant with H my first, I never had one at all. I never mentioned it but I wasn’t in a position to have any friends or anyone close to me to throw one for me. Because of this it has really made this baby shower extra special!

Although it wasn’t a complete surprise, I knew where and when the baby shower was going to happen, I didn’t, however know anything else. I wasn’t entirely sure who was coming or what it was going to be like – cue anxiety!

my baby shower                  my baby shower

For anyone that knows me I am a complete an utter perfectionist so Kat agreeing to throw me a baby shower probably felt like an incredibly nerve raking thing for her to do. However, having said that I was so grateful and appreciative of her offering to throw me a baby shower she could have done anything and I would have been over the moon!

Kat is amazing though and knows me so well that I couldn’t have asked for a better time. It was relaxed, not filled with gross or cheesy games. And perhaps most importantly it didn’t involve anything that would draw too much attention to me! There were beautiful decorations and some delicious food and drink. I had my favourite people there and got to have a lovely catch up with a few people I haven’t seen in a while too. Perfect.

my baby shower             

Because I had to go into the hall when everyone else was already sat down my anxiety did almost get the better of me. I had been pacing up and down, deep breathing and shaking for about an hour before I even left the house. This continued when I arrived at the venue but I made it in! My husband is great at calming me down when anxiety strikes like this, he builds me up and makes me feel like I can take on anything – he also deserves a thank you for my lovely baby shower too as I know he worked with Kat to make it very special.

I really felt so blessed to have people want to come and celebrate my pregnancy and want to be there for me, it’s not always something I have felt through my life so it literally felt amazing to me! It was also a bit of a shock! People actually like me? People want to spend time with me? It’s unfortunately what mental illness does to me but I gave all of that a right kick up the bum on Sunday! I had an awesome time!

my baby shower

I was a little overwhelmed but so grateful for how generous everyone was. I received some beautiful cards and gifts for me and baby and I wasn’t expecting it at all. I am very lucky to have such amazing people around me and my little boy is so loved already and he’s not even here yet!

my baby shower

I received some lovely practical, much needed gifts such as muslin’s, baby grows, blankets etc but I also received some beautiful extras. I got some lovely cuddly toys, picture frames, keep sake boxes, milestone cards and more. I was even lucky enough to be given some bits for me too.

my baby shower

Like I said I am super grateful for my amazing husband and Kat for making it all happen and to all of my friends and family who made it on Sunday. Thank you for making me feel so loved.

Now it’s countdown time! 7 weeks to go…..

Lots of love Amy x



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