Mental Health

Mental illness. The less important illness.

Why is Mental Health still treated like a second rate illness and not as important as physical illnesses? Is it the less important illness because you cant see it? Or is it because people don’t understand it?

I really don’t know but I feel that something needs to change.

How would you feel if you broke your leg? You are in a lot of pain and discomfort. Scared. Not really knowing how bad it really is. You finally get through to see a Dr who tells you it’s a bad break. It will effect your life for quite some time. But they can help. They can put it in a cast and begin the healing process.

Thank God for that, you think.

But wait.

You have to go on a waiting list.

You have to go home, take a few tablets each day and hopefully in 3/4 months we might be able to help you.

Take care.

mental health. the less important illness

Well this would never happen. I have had broken bones. As have many people I know. You get sent straight to a Dr, get X-rayed and have a cast put on all within a few hours. Great. As it should be. However, why when you have a broken mind do people constantly get pushed aside and told to wait. Given pills and told to hang in there and wait! It’s not fair. It’s a disgrace.

I have had people tell me – a lot – “oh the stigma is going now everyone talks about it!” Really? I don’t think so. I have come across people suffering every single week for the last few years who tell me they still haven’t told friends or work colleagues or even family! They are suffering in silence because they are scared! They are scared of being disowned, made fun of, judged or worse!

Another awful situation people with mental health issues are facing is the terrible waiting lists! I’ve had a pretty bad experience, as have friends with having to wait ridiculous lengths for proper help!

3 months for an initial consultation with a Psychiatrist. Then another 6 months (sometimes more) for a letter to come through to tell you in a few weeks you are going to start therapy. In those months you very rarely get any support (I found in my area anyway) from any mental health professional. You will get told to go and visit your GP or local A&E department. This is an awful situation. It’s not were you should be going.

Unless you’ve had a mental illness you will never know how much courage and strength it takes to even ask for help. To then be pushed aside and made to feel like you’re problem isn’t important enough to be dealt with straight away. It’s debilitating! It makes you feel worse. It makes you spiral downwards and will probably prevent them asking for help in the future, or worse …..

I’ve seen first hand how this effects people with mental health issues. Something has to change.

If you know anyone dealing with a mental health issue please give them any support you can. They are fighting a fierce battle every single day.

lots of love

Amy x

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