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Why I’m excited to be having another boy!

When I first found out that I was having my 2nd baby I was absolutely over the moon. I was, as was my husband. Just so excited about adding to our family. When I then found out I was having another boy, guess what, I was still over the moon and so excited!

Why wouldn’t I be?

Why I'm excited to be having another boy!

It was so weird to see and hear peoples reactions to me having another boy. They were almost disappointed for me? Apologetic and in some cases telling me that I would need to have another one now just to be able to have a girl?!

I mean wtf! Seriously! Why would I for one second be unhappy and disappointed to be having another child that happens to be the same gender as my first? Do people face this same criticism when they have two girls? I am carrying another baby. He is happy and healthy and my family and I are so grateful to be blessed with another child – male or not.

I have to say that I absolutely love being a mum to a little boy. I really really do. We have this special connection that I don’t see with mums and daughters. My husband and son obviously love each other to pieces and have special things they do together but it’s not like the closeness that me and H share.

Why do I love them so much? Well, boys really do just say what they mean. They don’t hold grudges and seem to get over things pretty quick. Ok my little boy does occasionally have the attitude of a teenage girl but it is over with pretty quickly. I love how active he is too. I know this can be true for girls as well but it’s something I have noticed makes him different to the many close friends he has of the same age that are girls. They will like to take the time out occasionally to sit quietly and chill out with a television programme or a film but H is not interested. He would much rather be tearing around the house fighting off invisible Ninja’s until 2 minutes before bedtime.

Why I'm excited to be having another boy!

This brings me onto their toys. I mean seriously how cool are their toys! Iron man, Spider man, trucks, cars, trains. They really do have the fun stuff. Now, I am totally aware that girls can and do play with these things as well – which is awesome, but these tend to be the things H gravitates towards. We walk into a toy shop and he heads straight for the monsters and the trucks!

Boys clothes are something I do rant about occasionally, lack of choice etc but actually as he is getting older I am quite happy about it. Less hassle. No tights, no dresses or skirts to continually pull back down over their knickers. Heaven!

Another thing to mention is hair. Although I am a trained and qualified hairdresser I love how that is one thing I don’t have to battle with. Wash and dry in minutes. No screaming or crying about knots – or worse the dreaded headlice! No battling to keep it up or tidy. Bit of gel for special occasions but really it’s just a quick trim once every 4 weeks and you’re done. Bliss.

I know these are all a bit superficial things but I honestly love having a little boy. I really do. I am just as happy now knowing I have another one on the way as I would be if I was having a girl. I think this is a small reminder here to not assume you know what others are thinking or feeling. Just because you yourself might be disappointed with having a second child of the same sex don’t for one moment assume that me or others feel the same.

Every pregnancy is a blessing. A truly amazing gift. I for one am beyond grateful and cannot wait to meet baby number two in 12 weeks.

Lots of love

Amy x

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