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The CuddleBug wrap and why I can’t wait to use it

As majority of you reading my blog will know I suffered with post natal depression (PND) quite severely after the birth of my son.

The CuddleBug wrap and why I can't wait to use it

I manifested itself in a way that I am not sure people think of when they think of PND. I was so protective over my son. I hated anyone holding him except me and my husband and if I ever was in a position where someone asked to hold him I would be full of fear, panic, and downright terror at times. I would want to snatch him back and runaway and hide just the two of us.

I also absolutely hated having to put him down to do things and get on with life. Whether it was his bouncy chair or his moses basket for a nap. I felt like something awful was going to happen to him. I had been given this amazing gift that I felt I didn’t deserve so I was certain he was going to be taken from me. Another thing I battled with at times during my PND was guilt. How could I be so selfish, so awful, to want to keep putting him down to do things, washing up, having a shower, doing the shopping – anything like this made me feel like a failure.

Needless to say after a very tough couple of years things improved and I am aware of these things and am getting ready and prepared for when or if they should try to rear their ugly head again after the birth of my next son.

This brings me nicely onto CuddleBug. I first saw the wraps on social media and thought they looked great but more importantly I began to see how they could help me and baby this time around. I thought about how much of those stressful things I dealt with before would be dealt with so much more easily. Now I am not saying it’s a magical cure for PND I am just saying that it has proven effects against some of the unpleasant symptoms I went through. Which I think is a huge positive.

So, what is a CuddleBug wrap?

The CuddleBug wrap and why I can't wait to use it

It is simply put a wrap of gorgeously soft fabric that you use to wrap around yourself and baby to carry them wherever you go. It has so many benefits. Here are some of those listed on the CuddleBug website that I absolutely agree with:

SLEEP MORE – Wearing your baby in a CuddleBug wrap means your child will be constantly stimulated, hearing what you hear, and see what you see. This extra stimulation exhausts them throughout the day so they sleep much more soundly at night (which means you can too!) This is such an important one as when you are sleep deprived the awful symptoms of PND are so much more intensified.

LOVE MORE – In addition to better sleep, and faster development, your child is literally cuddling against your warm body all day long. This is a strong emotionally bonding experience, which releases all the mothering and love hormones. Fall in love with your baby over and over again! This is super important (PND or not) but having spoken to so many mummies bonding can be so much more difficult than you thought. A lot of woman with PND really struggle to get that bond with their baby so being able to have them close like this will help so much which is fantastic for mummy and baby.

DO MORE – As an additional bonus of using our baby wraps, you have both hands free to work, tackle household chores, or run errands. The constant Cuddling often lulls a fussy baby to sleep almost instantly, allowing busy moms to get more done! As I mentioned before this is something I struggled with, being able to get things done without the fear or guilt. But to be able to carry my baby with me not only will help alleviate those feelings but also enable me to actual carry on with my life a little more easily.

On the CuddleBug website they have listed so many more benefits that I didn’t even think of. Also another positive to point out is that they actually show you how to wrap baby correctly and safely – another weight of mummies mind.

I am due in 14 weeks but I cannot wait to be able to try out my wrap. I am excited and already a lot less worried about PND.

Again as I mentioned before I am not trying to suggest that this wrap is going to somehow magically ensure that I never suffer PND. However it is, I believe going to help me cope and being proactive about it is already making me feel a little less anxious.

I will be writing again when I finally get to use my wrap with baby – I can’t wait!

Just to add here as well the company itself has allowed me to share a discount code with you all, if you or anyone you know would like to try out their amazing products.

Lots of love

Amy xx

The 15% discount code is to be used on the CuddleBug website – CUDDLEBUGSOCIAL

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  • Reply Cath

    I was convinced my first baby was going to die, and fully prepared to commit suicide so I could be with him …… scary !!

    October 3, 2017 at 2:16 pm
    • Reply amysboarderlineworld

      I’m so sorry to hear you went through that. Hopefully everything turned out ok and you got the help and support you needed. x

      October 4, 2017 at 9:20 am
  • Reply Mary Louise

    The cuddle bug wrap looks like a beautiful product and I am sure you will enjoy many moments cuddled up to your lovely new baby.Wishing you a comfortable pregnancy xx

    October 4, 2017 at 8:43 pm
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