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Back from a mental health break

This is my first blog post in 3 months. I am back from an all important mental health break and for that I feel like a failure. Which I know is ridiculous. Without going into too much detail I was going through quite possibly one of the most difficult times I have ever experienced. Not just because of my mental health issues – there was much more going on – but as anyone that struggles with their mental health knows, it always seems to make things so much worse and harder to cope with.

Having this important break from social media and my blog wasn’t a conscious decision either, I simply didn’t get a second to think about it and if I did I couldn’t stomach it. Everything else took over and I thought of nothing else.

Back from a mental health break

Having mental health issues and dealing with crisis situations is so hard. I’m not saying it’s easy to deal with difficult situations easily when you don’t have issues but for me, my anxiety and BPD seem to push me and drain me to the point of complete exhaustion.

So ask for help!


I wish it was that easy. Anyone that knows me will know that asking for help is almost an impossibility for me. Not because I don’t want or need help. Not because I’m too proud. I just don’t think I deserve help. I would feel like a burden and be eaten up by guilt, so for me it’s easier to struggle on.

But, anyway, hopefully that difficult period is over and I am back to normality. I have some exciting things coming up in the future, my new pregnancy (blog coming next week) my charity Clear Mind Happy Mind that I am working on with a friend has some exciting things planned and lots of new content for my blog.

I have even started doing self care every day!! Shock!

Watch this space.

Take care and stay strong.

Love Amy x

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