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Art and what’s coming next for me

Art and what’s coming next for me…

I love art. I love anything creative in fact. Be it drawing, painting, writing, crafting, upcycling or knitting! I love the whole process, the taking nothing an turning it into something. Be it a blank page or a wooden pallet.

Like I’ve mentioned I love art but as I’ve discovered again recently I need art too. Without it I get bored. I feel lost. Fed up, worthless even. Art is proven to help hugely with recovery from mental health issues but I had completely given up on art. Didn’t see the point. Didn’t think I was good enough. I thought it was a waste of time. That was until I ended up in hospital very ill. Doing art again, well, it saved me. It gave me a focus. Art gave me a purpose when I had lost everything else.

Quite simply art makes me feel alive.

Art and what's coming next for me

The best thing about art, I think, is that absolutely anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you can get involved in some aspect of art. Even if you feel like you’re ‘not very good’ the thing with art is there’s no right or wrong. What someone may love someone else might not understand or enjoy at all, and that’s fine. I’m by no means great at art, in any of it’s forms, but I really enjoy it so who cares. Plus, I don’t really show anyone, or at least haven’t until recently and there are still some things I like to keep private, and that’s fine too. Not every piece of art or every craft you create needs to be put on display.

My husband and I went to the Tate Modern last year and I absolutely loved it. My husband wasn’t quite as enthusiastic but enjoyed parts of it. I just love how you look at these incredible pieces of art and interpret them. I’d get immediate feelings about things and what I thought they were or what message they were trying to convey. This is what I want my art to do. To speak to people. To take them to another place. To make them feel something. That’s what happens when I write a piece of poetry or sketch something. It lets me escape. Sometimes whilst at the Tate Modern me and my husband would look at the same piece of art and both interpret it completely differently. I love that too.

I’ve recently had time to step back from my blog and re-evaluate things. I really did miss it hugely. I miss writing my posts. I miss writing poetry and I really miss my painting and sketching which I haven’t done for around a year now! So, Art and what’s coming next for me? Well,  I’ve made the decision to post regularly about my art every Wednesday. Once a week starting next week I am making the decision to commit to my art. Be it painting or poetry or crafts with my son. I hope you will enjoy this part of my blog and hopefully it might inspire you to take the plunge and try your hand at some art too.

Until Wednesday….

Love Amy xx

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