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I have mentioned before about Art and how it has helped me cope at times and acted like a kind of therapy for me over the past few years but actually it is much more than that!

I LOVE it!

I NEED it!

When I say Art I literally mean anything creative. Painting, drawing, up-cycling, crafting, writing stories, poetry, the possibilities are endless!


The list above are what I love to do and I even involve my little boy. He loves crafting too, almost as much as me! He always requests “Arts and crafts Mummy” when I ask what he would like to do after preschool. He started with a craft box, he now has a rather large craft cupboard! Relegating my husband’s football gear into the garden in a box!

Anyway, Art! I often have 3 or 4 projects on the go at once – not ideal – but I can’t stop myself. I get so excited about what I am creating I just can’t wait!

My artwork was pretty much non-existent for many years as, well, basically I thought I was crap! My thought was, Im crap at it so why would I allow myself to it? Even though I loved it. It took me getting ill to actually bring my justification for doing it back. I had nothing else to do. The hospital had art sessions which I took part in and many commented on how good I was. And even though I didn’t quite believe it, it felt good and really aided my recovery.
Since then I literally have, not, stopped!

On top of the Arts and crafts I’ve even taught myself to knit and do calligraphy! It brings such a sense of achievement a pride when you learn or complete something. And if you want to keep it to yourself then keep it to yourself. There are no rules to say you must display everything to make or create! There is still a lot of my art work (most of it in fact) that no one has ever seen. And that’s OK.


I do really believe that being creative is so important in life. Not just of you are poorly but for everyone, including the children.
Even sitting on the sofa with a colouring book (which I also love) is time for you. Or it could be doing your make up and hair differently? Changing up your wardrobe? Writing a diary or journal. Scrap booking (another favourite!) or just getting the crayons and paints out with kids! The possibilities really are endless.

Oh I must mention one point – mainly because I do still have to remind myself of this every so often – DON’T FOCUS/TRY TO MAKE YOUR ART ‘PERFECT’!
Whatever you are creating doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’. What is perfect anyway? Just do your own thing and enjoy it. That’s the beauty of art!

Happy crafting!

Amy x

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  • Reply Hayley

    Very true — when I’m creative, I feel better. It’s one of the things I tend to lose sight of during bad times. Especially the part about not needing to be perfect!

    February 1, 2017 at 11:22 am
  • Reply KellyAnn Schiavo

    I bought an old 1960’s sideboard from a charity shop for £50 (which if i think back was a bit expensive! ha) and then I bought the paint, nice grey with a silver scrub for under to give the bashed look. All of the above are still sitting & hoarding junk in my little laundry room. When I say “laundry room”, its not a laaaaaundry (posh voice) – its the “where else to hide the cr@p and it wont go in the garage” room! And there happens to be a washing maching in it! haha So, point is… I have a dresser for you to up-cycle if you want to add a No4 or 5 to your list!

    October 4, 2017 at 10:42 pm
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