About Me

Hi! I’m Amy! Thank you so much for stopping by !
I am a yoga obsessed 30 year old mummy of one gorgeous little boy, and a wife to one equally gorgeous man! I suffer with mental health issues including Borderline personality disorder, anorexia and depression.
You might be wondering firstly why I have spelt my ‘Boarderline’ with an ‘a’? Well whilst I was in hospital my Psychiatrist would always spell it this way. On all paper work for me or other health professionals. I always thought that it seemed so perfect as it’s how I felt. On the ‘boarder’ of being ‘normal’. So I kept it with me and use it on my blog.
I blog in the hope I can help and inspire others. I love art and anything creative and believe without it my days would still be pretty dark. I take each day as it comes – or at least try to – and I am always grateful for everything in my life, big or small. Please join me on my journey. It might be tough at times but I’m sure we will have some laughs along the way!
Amy xxx

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