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My 1st anniversary and World Mental Health day 2017

Wow, so here I am! My 1st anniversary and World Mental Health day 2017.

A year ago today I would never have dreamed my blog would be as successful as it has been. I have been lucky enough to write for some fantastic charities including Mind, Time to Change and Beat, and have had my work published on several big sites online, I am 1 in 4,The mighty and Huffington Post included.

I have also been lucky enough to work with several brands that are just fantastic – Lumie, Mum’s back and CuddleBug to name a few. My work is being shared more and more every single day and the opportinites are getting bigger and better.

My 1st anniversary and World Mental Health day 2017

I am not saying all this to sound big headed or “Look at me aren’t I amazing!” Far from it. I am extremely grateful for every single bit of acknowledgement I get from my blog particularly when it’s feedback from readers/followers saying how much my honesty has helped them. After all that’s why I started my blog and it’s still why I continue to blog every single week even when I might not be feeling my best. I want people to know they are not alone. Mental health still carries a huge stigma and we need to be the generation that puts an end to that!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am terribly hard on myself so saying a (small) “Well done to me” is really hard, embarrassing and makes me feel a bit uncomfortable but I have learnt that it is important to congratulate yourself for a job well done. There is still so much I want to achieve but I am trying to take things slowly and sensibly.

This past year has also seen me organise my first charity event for Mind which was so successful and went down so well with everyone involved. We raised heaps of money for Mind and raised lots more awareness too. I will definitely be doing another event I just need to get through the big events of 2018 first! Which brings me nicely onto the next big thing that has happened this past year – I am pregnant!

It was a difficult thing to tell everyone at first as I felt I was going to be severely judged for having a baby whilst in recovery from mental health problems but again I’ve been open and honest and blogged about it and actually discovered that I am in a better place mentally than I was with my first little boy. Oh and – who’s cares what anyone thinks! My life, my family, if we are happy then who cares!

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and due in early January – I am regularly blogging about my progress and how I am coping with my mental health issues and the pregnancy, so feel free to check out my regular posts.

Another major milestone has been my little boy finishing preschool and heading off to primary school! That was just huge. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Where has my little baby gone. I found adjusting to all these changes much more difficult than H though. He took it all in his stride. He was and still is so confident and happy and makes me burst with pride every single day.  Again I have blogged about my difficulties here and how I got through them with lots of mummies and daddies relating to my feelings of sadness, loss, anxiety but of course excitement too.

My 1st anniversary and World Mental Health day 2017

A positive of H starting school has been that I get to work on my blog full time and explore my other ventures – spoiler alert – I have a fab new project that I am working on which should be up and running by the end of the month. I cannot wait to share it with you all. Please subscribe for updates on my main page or click here to be the first to know about my exciting new project!!

Now that brings me to last weekend. Brit Mums Live 2017! My first experience of a blogging conference and what an experience it was! Again anxiety was my best friend leading up to and during the first part of the day but that quickly fizzled out to pure inspiration and excitement. I went with my amazing friend Kat from who is easily my guru, my life coach and blogging master! Without her I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today! She introduced me to some amazing people Kelly Ann from Cyran from Corporate Style Story and the awesome Vicki from Honest Mum to name a few. Fantastic women, working hard to pursue their dreams. So inspirational to hear their stories and get their support too.

So that is my year! I must also mention today is World Mental Health day. Please do spread the word, face to face, online or social media, or donate to one of the fantastic mental health charities if you can. Everyone suffering will be so grateful for your support.

Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart for continuing to follow my journey. For your messages, follows, likes, comments. It really does help me get up and continue to do this every single day.

Lots of love to you all,

Amy xxx

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  • Reply Cyran

    Sounds liek you had a fab year lovely! So great to meet you. All the very best for 2018 you have so much to look forward to!

    January 2, 2018 at 3:33 pm
    • Reply amysboarderlineworld

      Hi lovely It was so nice to meet you too. I love looking through your Instagram and posts. They are really fab! Good luck and prosperous wishes for the new year. Amy x

      January 4, 2018 at 10:17 am

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